Blogtacular {The Aftermath}


Last weekend I went to Blogtacular. I had been looking forward to it for months, actually since last year’s conference, which I couldn’t attend as Lady Mck was just too little. Recently I’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ about my blog and this was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in it, really think about what I want it to be and where I want it to go, as well as catch up with old friends, meet new people that I find so inspiring and finally meet some bloggers that I feel I’ve known for ever, but have never actually met in full colour, Imax quality, surround sound 3D.

I did all of those things and more. I started the day with the totally inspiring and more importantly buckets of fun, photowalk with Xanthe Berkeley. Oh, how we moaned about the 5:30 get up and no coffee until we got to Waterloo and how wrong we were. Every Saturday should start with a photowalk with this bunch of women. To have people that ‘get it’ is just the most life affirming thing. People who will pose, not be offended that you are walking and talking while Instagramming and just embrace the fun of taking great photos was better than any caffeine, although the coffee from Pret was pretty good too.

I got myself a new girl crush on Marte Marie Fosberg who spoke so brilliantly on inspriration and creativity. She seems at first like someone who has always had her plan, always had it all together, but she so lucidly communicated how this hasn’t always been the case and that her road to living the life she always wanted was full of bumps and twists and times where she was just floating, but through it all her need to be creative pulled her in the right direction. Her food photography workshop was also amazing. Such a different style to the white background, light Instagram fare that we see. It was so refreshing and will certainly make me think about my photos differently.

The keynote speakers were fabulous too. Grace Bonney admitting that she still can’t quite come to terms with the death of blog comments and that the pace of change in our digital world scares her too was so reassuring and I want to write in more detail about what I took from Anthony Peters closing keynote, which was hilarious and moving and just wonderful, even thought he didn’t have me on his side for the whole thing.

It was busy of course. I didn’t speak to everyone I wanted to, didn’t speak to enough brands or use the Genius Bar (Kats – please have this again next year. I promise I will be armed with a list of questions x) but I left feeling full of positivity and enthusiasm.

Which brings me to why I called this post ‘The Aftermath’ because today this is how it felt. Today all the positivity seem to flip itself around. Suddenly I went back to the endless comparisons, the regret that I didn’t speak to enough people, the questioning myself about where I fit, where this is all going, what I want from it and how I feel I will come up short. It even crossed my mind to give it all up. Not quite the result I expected from Blogtacular.

Of course I won’t. I love my Internet, my space here and maybe it needs to change, grow with me. Maybe, I need to evolve. After wallowing self-indulgently for a while and a much needed and hughtly appreciated chat with a good bloggy friend who put me straight, I am going back to the positivity and inspiration that I felt on Saturday. I want this space to be here, to continue to grow it’s readership. I want to write more at The Mudpie Diaries, a project I am really passionate about that I haven’t been able to give the time to. All day on Saturday, as I listened to the amazing speakers, The Mudpie Diaries kept knocking on my sub-conscious, whispering “I am here. This is about me” So, watch this space, or actually that space.

As far as Mummy Limited is concerned I want to write more of the stuff that I feel strongly about, which incidentally is also the stuff that you like reading, but also I want to try some new stuff, be brave, do something out of my comfort zone and on that note, it feels that maybe being ‘mummylimited’ all over the internet doesn’t quite feel right anymore. Mummy Limited, the blog will always be here, but on other sites and apps I’d like to just be me, even my kids don’t call me Mummy anymore (yes, huge SOB about that). So, if you see emilyandmore, well, that’s me. I know to any normal person, this seems crazy to feel scared about this, but I have also been Mummylimited online and that’s now over five years. It’s part of my identity, so it’s going to feel a bit weird for a while.

Blogtacular was all kinds of amazing and to every person that I met and spoke to, or anyone who commented and liked my photowalk photos, thank you. I hope the aftermath brings even more amazing.

Photo 13-06-2015 08 39 11


21 thoughts on “Blogtacular {The Aftermath}

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Blogtacular, as I’ve only recently started blogging with any sense of purpose or regularity this might be something I think about for next year. I look forward to your evolution and shall keep an eye out for any name changes (I’m @daisychainbaby on Twitter) x
    PS, now actively stalking Marie on Instagram. What a beautiful account.

  2. You’ve summed it up perfectly! I’ve felt exactly the same both years. Crazy adrenaline rush coarsing through me and then a bump back down to the earth that has me questioning everything.

    A name change across social media can be really scary… and refreshing and invigorating and a brilliant catalyst for positive change. I spent the first 2 weeks after I scraped ‘lovebryony’ feeling really detached from everything but now I love this ‘new me’. It’s a bit like the first day of a new school year – everything’s the same but a little bit different and you’re desperate to make the most of it!

    Thanks for being just what I’d hoped you’d be this weekend – looking forward to the next time out paths cross!

  3. Time for some Emily UN-limited! Woo-hoo!
    I’m sorry not to have had time to talk properly on Saturday, there was so much to see, do and hear. It was brilliant and overwhelming and intimidating and exciting and inspiring all at once.
    I look forward to seeing what it inspires you to do next….(and I totally agree about wanting to go for regular photo walks, what fun!)

  4. Beautifully written and sure thoughts you wouldn’t expect. But then everyone takes something different from such a conference.
    I can totally understand the girl crush thing. Marie was the highlight for me and really made/makes me think about my photography and the urge to try something new/different has (re)emerged.
    Wishing you all the best for your blogging future, Tobia

  5. This is lovely. As are you. I love the sound of emilyandmore. It’s absolutely what you are. When I think of you as an online pal I think of crochet, rides out on the bike you got for your (last?) birthday, Cath Kidston bits and bobs round the house, cups of tea, three incredible children and an understandable shared love of coffee. It must have been such a wonderful time away. Save me a seat next year, I can’t wait to meet in full colour, Imax quality, surround sound 3D if we haven’t managed to do so before xxx

  6. Too true. I also spent the weekend looking at my navel and thinking about how to make it happen and not do just what is expected….. What an adventure you are going to go on. Very excited for you

  7. I think that can often be the feeling after blog conferences where you feel inspired but it sounds like a really positive experience which is amazing. I would love to go to Blogtacular but I don’t think I am creative enough but it did sound amazing.

  8. I completely agree. I havent got the chance to write about my time yet, i just feel like im still processing it all. its a positive thing going on but I kno what you mean about the comparisons, not spoken enough of the people you wanted to. I think all we can do is just think about the things we did do and take one day at a time, I have a few projects i want to start too – i think when you have small littles, its all about time! something i find hard! xx

  9. Congrats on the new name and the relaunch! It will be fabulous, just like you.
    If it helps, I didn’t talk to nor connect with people as much as I had meant to, either! So we’ll have to go back next year… and keep in touch in the blogosphere until then 😉 xo

  10. Good to meet you at last – I sort of read this a few days ago and sort of didn’t want to read it, because I was till trying to clarify my own experience and I thought if I started reading other people’s my own would get lost.
    It is the taking it home again and making something of it.. otherwise what’s the point. The comparison thing is so hard – I think it’s just keeping focussed – and surrounding yourself with good people, it’s the connections that keep me grounded – love the sound of Emily and more….

  11. Blogtactular is the one conference that I would consider attending. I remember the feelings you have after my first Britmums when I’d been blogging only a year. I was so pumped to do ‘something’ but could never quite figure out what that was. Now I have so little time for writing I try to just write things I’m passionate about.
    Do keep going and I also love the Mud Pie Diaries, more there please 🙂

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