Ante-natal depression exists. 

I’ve been putting off writing this post. The words just haven’t flowed and have no idea why. This is where I shared bits of my struggle not only to get pregnant but how hard I still found being pregnant. I guess writing about it now it’s a time in my life that’s finished, feels harder. As I look at my children, who I often think of as a whole bunch, it feels as if it all that went before, happened to someone else, like another life. But it wasn’t another life. It was my life and my experience and one shouldn’t hide that away.

I am very concious of the fact that I have built this space online and that it has given me a voice and an audience and I owe it to myself and to them, to reach out by sharing my experience. Isn’t that what a blog is? It is important that we tell our story, because our story can help others shape theirs. Of course we cannot spend our time looking back too often, but it does no harm to occasionally stop and remember. “That happened to me and I felt x or y and that’s OK”

Through my experiences and this tiny corner of the World Wide Web I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tommy’s. First, when I ran a half marathon to raise money for them and last year to talk about my experience of ante-natal depression. They have recently released seven case studies videos of women sharing their experience of pregnancy, mine included and have lots of fabulous information on their website to help those who don’t feel that carrying a baby is the most exciting and glowing time of their lives. 10-15% of all pregnant women suffer with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately these issues are less likely to be spotted during pregnancy than any other time. In as much as a third of cases ‘postnatal’ depression actually starts during pregnancy but it is not recognised or treated at that point. Because of this, women are suffering unnecessarily. I certainly raised my issues with midwives and whilst they were very sympathetic, there was no practical help for me. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the fabulously supportive online community things would have been even harder.

You can find my video here, along with the other stories and I would so appreciate it if you could share this campaign. I want to make sure that as many women as possible know where to find support if they are struggling and that they are perfectly normal in how they feel. It seems to me that if there’s any reason to revisit those times, then that is a good one.


2 thoughts on “Ante-natal depression exists. 

  1. Oh I hear you
    Well done for doing this…and well done for realising. This sounds a lot like me, I put it down to bad morning sickness tainting it for me but maybe it was more than that
    Thank you xx

  2. I’m a brand new eeaser, so I feel a little awkward commenting here, but thank you. I struggled with both depression and anxiety through most of my baby’s tiny years, and could not figure out what was wrong with me, why this time wasn’t as magical as it was “supposed” to be. Thank you spreading the message that this is normal and can be helped, and that we are not alone.

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