Life is crazy busy. It always is. We are not unique in this, of course. We are not alone in finding it all a logistical nightmare of appointments and chores and kids, but this is the summer holidays and I can’t help thinking it should be easier. The allotment is being neglected while we try to get our house in order and the list of things to do on it doesn’t seem to be shrinking. Our holidays have been Mckdad painting and me child wrangling, or Mckdad going into school and me child wrangling. By the time his holiday is over he will have given a whole week of it to going into work. Now, we are preparing to go camping, which in itself is a monumental task, that frankly I am tired of but…….

……soon we will be away. We will escape. I am looking forward to lazy camping days and early nights. To the children running wild and spending the whole day, doing nothing but riding bikes, building dens and whittling sticks. To grubby knees and bathing Lady Mck in a big plastic storage box as the sun starts to turn big and orange. To having my morning tea outside and snuggling in my warm camping bed at night, even if it is raining. I am looking forward to Sketchbook club time, reading a book, trying some new skills. To the children doing new things, building a dam, using a knife and cooking on the open fire. I am looking forward to salty air, ice creams and fish and chips. To seeing far flung friends and putting the world to rights. To rest

Mostly, though I am just looking forward to being gone. Away from the calendar and the paintbrushes. Away from the weeds and the gluts of vegetables that I can’t muster the enthusiasm to deal with. Just away. Rain or shine, it will still be away. 



One thought on “Away

  1. I am counting the sleeps (6) until our holiday. I can’t wait to turn my emails off, sign out of FB and Twitter (not Instagram) and spend days at the seaside with my sister and her family. We are only travelling an hour away but that is enough for me

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