Thoughts on a Sunday #1

 I’ve rather optimistically given this post a number. I have no idea if it’ll become a series, but when done right, I love to read a rambling, catch up type post and it occurs to me that I don’t often record the little details of our lives, even though I know these are the things that will fade from my memory, so I intend to reflect on the week we’ve just had and never mind the lack of comments, likes and shares. 

It’s been an odd week this week. Mini Mck finally had his operation and I had my first and hopefully last experience of a child under general anesthetic, as he instantly fell asleep in my arms, before I lifted him onto the bed. Very disconcernting. As usual, he took it all in his stride. He was so calm and unphased by it all and he has continued to recover in his usual stoic manner. It’s been rather nice having him at home for a while, just him and Lady Mck. They have such a lovely dynamic. It’s heartwarming to see him in full, kind and caring big brother mode. Spending time alone with him, when she’s been sleeping is such a treat. We’ve played many games of Lego Batman on the ipad and Guess Who from a box, we’ve read together and done a little school work.

However, Lady Mck continues to need her Mama for a large part of the day. Her naps seem to get shorter as each week passes and the time she spends in my arms seems to get longer. It makes getting anything done a challenge, even with a wrap. In order to wrestle some control over our home and get some much needed head space, I set my alarm at 5am for a couple of days this week. Nano often disturbs us at this time anyway and whilst Mckdaddy can get back to sleep, I never can, so I decided to embrace this and go to bed early. I’m still not sure the experiment worked, but I’m prepared to try it some more to see. 

I continued with my quest to get Christmas organised early, for me, at least. It seems that almost everyone is secretly beavering away at Christmas preparations and not telling anyone. For those of us that don’t and wonder how people are so much more organised than us, this is why. 

Yesterday, I had some much needed child free time. A cut and colour hair appointment and some shopping. I really need to step out of my boring uniform of blue jeans and so forced myself to go into Zara, a shop I never usually bother with. I came out with some black and white small chequed trousers and a tee. I’ve now decided, that despite my previous misgivings I need some ankle boots in my life. Thank you to everyone who gave me hints and ideas on Facebook and Instagram, I still have some more pieces on my wishlist. Incidentally, does anyone know the difference between treggings and leggings? Clueless.

Last night we had a fluttering of snow, but enough to coat the roads and cars. Nano had been ill, through coughing so much. Looking out of the roof window with him was a most welcome distraction. Even the smallest amount of snow changes everything outside. Suddenly it is light and the hue of the streetlights becomes pale and diffused. Sounds become muffled and everything seems blanketed. The air smells different, as if outside has been given a spring clean. I’d hoped it would snow all night and today, so that no-one had to to go to school tomorrow, but alas, whilst I am keeping Mini Mck off for another day or two, we will still be taking Nano and I may even try the 5am start again tomorrow. Any more tips on how I can start my day off right and get some contol over my surroundings would be hugely appreciated. 

If you like these trivial snippets of a life, I do of others, please do follow me on Instagram or give my Facebook page a ‘like’. See you next Sunday……maybe.


One thought on “Thoughts on a Sunday #1

  1. Oh my goodness love, I am so sorry – I totally missed the update that Mini was having an op. As a parent now I can only begin to imagine the feelings that go along with a general (crikey!!) but I’m so glad he’s bouncing back brilliantly. I can already go some way too, to also appreciate your girl needing and wanting her Mamma. We are, apparently, despite very involved Dads their only constant and the constant they crave. But yip, hearing you on the carrier being ok to a point but nigh on impossible to allow for washing up. I have to do it side on if I even want to attempt it. So glad you took some time out – me too (blog to follow!) and great news on the wardrobe pieces. Over sized sweatshirts have been a post pregnancy saviour but, what do you know, I jumped on the “tregging” band wagon. I have no idea what defines them as such but I simply picked them up from below a sign that said “treggings”. I was in town in leggings and felt bare, exposed and slummy so picked up these: The website says leggings but they are far more substantial than that with pocket and fly detail. And I’m finding they do a mighty fine job at keeping everything in at the moment! Big love, hope this series keeps up. I love a ramble and a round up xxx

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