35 Advent Calendar Activities 

I appear to have gone full Christmas on the blog this month. For those of you that are understandably “bah humbug” about the whole thing, I apologise. However, I have been wanting to share our advent celebrations for the last couple of years and have never got it done in time. I am fixing that today. I am unsure as to why, but I loathe chocolate advent calandars. Possibly because  having that amount of the chocolate in the house would always cause some kind of tantrum and it seems impossible to buy one that isn’t covered with a distinctly unfestive character. So, ever since MM was small we have done an activity advent calendar. Things to do to get us in the mood for the big day. The children love it and it’s become a favourite tradition of ours.

Every year, someone asks me what kind of things we put in our little numbered pouches and I thought I would share them, so that you can see it’s not as much work as you may think. As school is part of our lives now I’ve had to scale back on some of the things we used to do, we just don’t have as much time or energy for crafts. Each year Mckdaddy and I sit and look at the calendar for December, we slot in the things that have a definite date, such as a carol service and decide when we’re busy and need easy and quick things to do. Gradually the month becomes filled and in the past, Mckdaddy has done drawings on small bits of card to show what that day is, this is brilliant for non-readers. 

Rather than a list of dates, I’ve organised these into groups, so if crafting or cooking isn’t your thing, I hope you’ll find other ideas to inspire you to create a advent activity calandar.

Getting ready for the big day

  • Ice the Christmas Cake
  • Make Christmas biscuits
  • Make mince pies
  • Choose a Christmas Tree
  • Decorate the tree
  • Get ready for Father Christmas’ visit (obviously this one is Christmas Eve)
  • Make peppermint creams for gifts
  • Listen to a message from Father Christmas

Out and About

  • Go on a woodland walk
  • See the Christmas Lights in the city
  • Drive around to find the best house light display
  • Visit Father Christmas
  • Choose a new Christmas Decoration each
  • Go to a Carol Service
  • Go shopping for sibling or parents gifts
  • Buy a gift for charity or donate to a food bank
  • Collect pine cones
  • Go ice skating

Easy Wins

  • Candlelight bath (with or without glowsticks)
  • Dinner by candlelight
  • Read a Christmas Story
  • Watch a Christmas film
  • Do a Christmas puzzle
  • Have a Christmas kitchen dance party
  • Have a special festive hot chocolate (Hot Choc, Squirty Cream & Christmassy Sprinkles)
  • Make a sparkly smoothie
  • Light some sparklers
  • School Christmas Lunch


  • Make Christmas Decorations
  • Colour a Christmas picture 
  • Make paper chains
  • Make pine cone firelighters
  • Make Christmas Cards
  • Decorate gift tags (Use Parcel tags and some Christmas stamps)
  • Decorate wrapping paper

So, there you have it. 35 pretty easy Christmas activities to slowly build up and get you and your home ready for Christmas. A little bit of organisation now and you’ll be ready for December 1st.


4 thoughts on “35 Advent Calendar Activities 

  1. I love this idea! We do the choc advent calendars but I always try to do as many Christmas activities as possible as well. I didn’t get to do much Christmas crafts and activities when I was little. I remember making paper chains to decorate my bedroom when I was old enough to do that kind of thing by myself. So I like to make sure we do lots of things with our boys to make Christmas really special.

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