Thoughts on a Sunday #2

Two. That’s a series, right? 

The last week has been mostly overwhelming, if I’m honest. MM was still at home for some of it and even though he really didn’t need much from me, it’s still makes it harder to get anything done. Lady Mck was ill 3 weeks ago, that rolled into MM’s operation and now she’s ill again. I know my house is in a terrible state, when I can’t Instagram anything and while that’s obviously not a reason to be fed up with it, it’s a good indicator of how I generally feel about the place. 

Since starting a new job, which he is loving, Mckdaddy has been working over 60 hours a week and the problem with both of us running at full capacity is that if anything extra is added, like a poorly child, things reach crisis point and the whole shebang folds into chaos. We need to work on that and get some balance back. 

Advent is nearly upon us and of course, out advent calendar is not ready, despite writing the activities we usually do. However, I have wrapped lots of presents and even started the children’s tonight. Felt very strange that it wasn’t being done on Christmas Eve. I am now at the stage where the things that still need doing are in danger of being left until the last minute. I must make sure that doesn’t happen. 

The boys and I have been loving The Great Pottery Throwdown and it has inspired them to get the air dried clay out. MM painted his pot in a style similar to one he’d seen on the most recent episode and I was stunned at how much he’d remembered. It is especially nice to see Nano exploring his creative side. Until recently he’s shown little interest, but suddenly he is. I’m sure it’s due to the amazing, creative environment he has in Reception Year at school. 

I have also been listening to In Our Time on Radio 4, this week. I happened to hear a little in the car on the Salem Witch Trials, it was fascinating. I urge you to give it a try. Another fabulous one was a discussion on Emma by Jane Austen, my favourite of all her novels, with Persausion running a close second. I was smugly pleased that then scholarly experts agreed with me on both of those books! I think a re-reading of Emma is due, if only to cleanse my palette, after the really disappointing update by Alexander McCall Smith. 

I would continue with more ‘thoughts’ but as I write and gaze at the ceiling for words, all I can see are the dreadful cobwebs and now that is all I can think of. 

Until next week, or perhaps it would be safer just to say next time……


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