I love Christmas too

My six year old loves sweets, adores them. If I’d let him he would spend all his pocket money one them. When he gets sweets, he eats two or three, gives one to each of us and then takes them up to his room and eats one, maybe two a day, until they are gone. That’s what I’m like with Christmas. I’m not an ‘early’. Each year the same group of people rally round on Twitter to shake our heads at the Christmas trees all decked on December 1st, or even November this year. I like to think it’s fairly lighthearted, but I know that we do all find it annoying and I know that because of that we get labelled as ‘humbugs’. I’ve been trying to pinpoint why it bothers me, as really, many people think we should just keep our opinions to ourselves and let Christmas rein, unchecked, from the end of November. 

Firstly we are told that it shouldn’t matter to us. Why should we care if you have your tree up early? Unfortunately, in these days of social media, I care because your early Christmas madness is IN MY FACE, because the first thing we all do is share pictures of our festive decorating. Actually, it’s the second thing we do, the first is rearrange all the tree decorations after the children have finished. Unfollow, I hear you cry, but you see I don’t know to unfollow until I see your picture and then it’s too late, I can’t unsee it. Besides, I may otherwise think your feed is pretty and interesting, so I want to stick around. 

Secondly, let me tackle the Bah humbug/but I really love Christmas argument. This seems to be the most common reason for turning Christmas up to eleven, right from the start. Not putting my decorations up on the 1st doesn’t make me grumpy, a Scrooge, mean to my children or a Christmas hater. I love Christmas. Love it. All the traditions, the old ones and some we’ve made our own, the food, the carols, the gifts, the cosy after Christmas bit. I love it all. The fact that someone puts their tree up early doesn’t mean they love it more, it means they love it earlier and by levelling the “bah humbug” accusation at those of us who like to wait, you are being just as judgemental as I am. Most of the ‘earlies’ seem to take their tree down on Boxing Day, so really they don’t love Christmas, they love pre-Christmas. 

All of that is pretty trivial though and I agree, live a let live. Stop judging and move on. However, I can’t help feeling this is part of a bigger, more invasive problem with the festive season, which I think is pretty damaging to all of us. 


10 thoughts on “I love Christmas too

  1. You know what I really do not care when people put their trees up. I really don’t care that you care and fear that I am damaging myself and my kids in some way either! I am not worried that you don;t like Christmas. I have my own scrooge, I live with him! I find it more concerning that people feel the need to have a gift each day over advent other than a chocolate or such and you can get advent calendars that cost a fortune. I totally “get” the 12 days of Christmas thing, If I didn’t decorate now, I am not sure I would. Christmas is a conflicting time for me. I want to feel the joy of the season, but I lost one of the most important people to me on Christmas day. I never decorated early before Mum died. We decorated together and took our decorations down together. Since then I have learned I have to fake it to make it.

    1. I totally get that Jen. Everyone has their own reasons, I guess. I don’t think I said you were damaging your children. Perhaps you could let me know where I’ve said that? I also hope that one of the things I’ve tried to make clear is that I *do* like Christmas and being called a Scrooge, just because I don’t put my tree up early makes me cross and that is why I posted.

      1. I am Miss grumpy pants this morning! I would never call your Scrooge for not putting your try up early, what I meant was I didn’t think that you didn’t like Christmas and would never assume that for people who put a tree up later. Heck if I had a real tree it wouldn’t go up till later as I would want it to last till after Christmas! I am very much live and let live! “However, I can’t help feeling this is part of a bigger, more invasive problem with the festive season, which I think is pretty damaging to all of us” was the damaging me bit!

  2. It’s so hard, isn’t it? I also love Christmas but growing up we never went to get our tree until the weekend before Christmas, and that tradition is something that is totally ingrained now. I love that it’s something we all look forward to as a family and it’s definitely the kids’ favourite advent activity in our calendar. This year, we are going to get our tree a week earlier than usual. We’re away that weekend before Christmas and this is the only time we can fit it in, plus as OH pointed out, we won’t get to enjoy it for long if we don’t have it up sooner. I’m a bit conflicted but I get his point and as I love the tree so much, I do want to make sure we get the most out of it…

  3. I’m with you! I also love Christmas, but it’s too early! And I think when Theo is grown, I’ll feel that even more strongly. When I was growing up, the tree couldn’t go up until after the 6th (my mum’s birthday) and had to be packed away by January 5th (my birthday). Theo’s birthday is the 3rd of January, so I think with a small adjustment in the packing away day, that’s what I’ll continue to do. That’s still LOADS OF TIME. I mean, I love Mariah Carey with all my heart, but I can’t hear All I Want for Christmas for almost an entire month – my brain will turn to mush!

  4. I think a real tree needed to be later and the ‘advent’ of realistic fake trees has allowed us to enjoy them for much longer. I’d be happy to wait until much later in December but my husband is nuts for Christmas and if I hadn’t put my foot down, we’d have had the tree up at the weekend. It’s the old fashioned bit of me that gets annoyed when people say ‘It’s Christmas’ when what they really mean is, it’s Advent (or December, or winter or whatever). I’d probably be happier if we just admitted, as a nation that we all like a good winter festival to brighten up the dark days and did away with the pretending that it has anything to do with the Christian festival of Christmas. It’s NOT Christmas until the 25th of December! It’s ‘winter-tide’. Having said all that, I love all the decorating/nativity/drinking egg nog/party stuff too. I just want it confining to DECEMBER as a minimum.

  5. Kind of related, but slightly not; There was a great column by Caitlin Moran a few weeks ago, where she advocated that Christmas should just be moved forward a bit so that we could all enjoy it when we were still full of anticipation and pre-festive cheer, and that New Year’s Eve should go back to the end of January so that they wouldn’t be so close together, and we’d have something to look forward to after Christmas.

    Anyway, I’m with you- as a child we always went with (my mother’s) Finnish tradition of buying and decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. However, we seem to end up having to buy them earlier and earlier as all the good ones have gone if we leave it too late. Then it’s just a fight between me and the kids when we bring it in from outside. (Although now they have their own fake one I just let them get on with that one and I can carefully control my “TrOCD” by myself.

  6. When I was a kid our rule was that Christmas didn’t properly start at home until the Christmas holidays. Perhaps that’s because both my parents were teachers and the last couple of weeks of school term are so fraught with stuff that they literally couldn’t find the time or head space to put up the tree. I loved that first weekend though and was so excited about it. From what I remember, lots of other people put their tree up then too so I never felt like I missed out. Fast-forward to now and we always tend to do our tree the first proper weekend of December. I’m anti November trees as it just feels wrong to me, but even the beginning of December feels a bit early. However, last year we waited until the 18th or something and all the good trees had gone! I love Christmas, not just the actual 25th Dec but the whole holiday – the bit in between 25th and NYD is just as special for us, so I think if we put our tree up and got into the spirit of it all mid November I’d be heartily sick of it by then!

  7. I love Christmas and the build up to it. I have put my tree up and I think that’s fine for me. It suited me, I had a day off work and I love it and to be honest I would keep them up all year round if I could, but then it wouldn’t be special when it did go up. I love the build up, Christmas and the family time afterwards. I feel as a family we miss out slightly on Christmas eve traditions I’d always wanted, as it’s my oldest’s birthday, but we make the most of it and he has the best birthday. I didn’t grow up with any traditions and Christmas wasn’t always a happy time nor was I always with my family. This is important to me to do this for my family. But it’s always equally ok not to do it, it’s what suits you and your family. Each to their own and as long as you and your family are happy that’s all that matters. x

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