Thoughts on a Sunday #3

I am writing this with a small girl and a cat on my lap while The Snowman plays. I should be folding washing and packing school bags, getting myself ready for a busy week ahead. We have reached the point in the school term where we just want it to end. A friend told me once that I always become fed up and weary with two weeks of the school term left and sure enough, here we are, two weeks to go. This term has been particularly brutal, with Nano starting full time school and Mckdaddy starting a new, better but more demanding job and all the usual festive shenanigans, but we are nearly there. Most of us coughing and sneezing to the finish line, but nearing it none the less.

Tuesday saw the start of Advent and we eased into our Activity Advent Calendar with some nice easy things. Seeing the lights in the city, dinner by candlelight and Christmas books with Hot Chocolate. This week I am venturing into some easy crafts and for the first time we are including a trip to the supermarket to donate to our local foodbank, with a mixture of basic items and a few Christmassy treats.

Today, this weekend actually, has had so much good stuff in and I don’t feel I’ve fully appreciated it. Lazy, yet productive. Lots of time together, yet very ordinary, just how I like it. Time for everyone to do a little bit of what they enjoy. Still, thought work intrudes a little too much, children sleep too little and there never seems enough time to do it all.  I think, the weekend maths probably comes out in our favour and I intend to keep this in mind.

We went foraging for wreath materials in the woods this morning. It was bright and warm and the rest of the family rushed off ahead. I had one of those moments where I realise we are a family of five. Even after nearly two years, it still catches me off guard sometimes. Lady Mck is growing up and more and more I can see how things will be. Today there was no pushchair, no wrap to remember. Just wellies and warm hats for everyone. I don’t often celebrate time passing, but today it felt good. They looked like a little gang.


My final thought this Sunday, as I finish this off in the dark of Lady Mck’s bedroom, because obviously nothing is ever finished in one sitting, is that I should adjust my mindset around my own bedtime. It is very likely that I will disturbed by at least one of my children at around 5:30am every day and with that in mind it really makes sense to base my bed time around that. It feels that perhaps five early nights is in order again this week. I have a lot to do and frankly, spent most of last week feeling very grumpy. I need good sleep or I just don’t function. When will I ever be a proper grown up about it and go to bed at the right time? Early bedtimes, it’s the grown up thing to do.


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