Exciting news – Tommy’s Mum’s Voice Award

A very exciting email dropped into my inbox this week. I have been longlisted for Tommy’s Mum’s Voice award. I worked with Tommy’s a few times, running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for them and appearing in one of their information videos talking about my experience of miscarriage and Ante-natal depression and of course I’ve written in this space about both of those subjects. The Mum’s Voice award celebrates a mum who has spoken out about her own experience and given hope to others, so being considered at all is a huge honour. 

I have always had to take a deep breath when publishing posts here about my journey to motherhood and the challenges along the way. I know how lucky I am and how much easier I have had it than many people, but sharing this story has always ended up being a really positive experience. It is healing for me to hear so many others with similar stories and comments from my readers saying it has helped has always made it worthwhile. Miscarriage is so often a silent kind of pain and ante-natal depression even more so and it shouldn’t be so. If I have helped others speak or feel better then I have used this space for good.

Women’s voices are so marginalised in our society and mother’s voices even more so, that it feels important to share our stories. To be honest about things and as my lovely friend Kate pointed out on her brilliant guest post, to hold hands online. Blogs and social media give us the oppotunity to reach out and speak our truth for others to hear. They allow us to connect in a way that isn’t always possible in the ‘real world’, to find those with shared experiences and like minds. To be recognised for this is so amazing and I want to thank you for listening and sharing your own experiences with me.


Many thanks to @nina_nixon for photo taken at Blogtacular
If you feel that my story has helped you or someone you know, maybe it has helped you feel more understood and less alone, I would be really grateful if you could help me get shortlised for this fantastic award. All you need to do is email Tommy’s at mumsvoice@tommys.org, with the subject line Mummylimited, with a sentence or two on why you think I should be shortlised.

If you want to read more about my story, you can find all the posts under the pregnancy catergory and my Tommy’s video is on YouTube. Obviously, I can’t look at it without hiding under a blanket and shrieking “Oh my god, do I really sound like that and what the hell am I doing with my mouth!” However, it has some lovely clips of Lady Mck, my house is the cleanes and tidiest it’s ever been and you get to see my resting bitch face while I am crocheting. 


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