Thoughts on a Sunday #4

I am feeling very chilled this weekend and I am realising this is quite an unusual feeling for me. I have nearly finished all the non food related Christmas preparations and the School Christmas Fair is done too. There’s just a very manageable list to finish and food to plan, which frankly isn’t a chore at all. This is definitely the way to do Christmas. 

This week was Nano’s nativity. They only do one in Reception year, after that it’s a Carol concert at the Cathedral, which is so festive, but I do love a nativity. My lovely friend, Sarah, wrote a great post about other parents at the nativity, that summed up my feelings perfectly. I mean, people, really, put your cameras down and this comes from a social media and Instagram addict. 

We finally seem to be getting over all our colds and fevers. There is a sickness bug ripping through school, they had a quarter of Reception off on the day of the nativity. So far, we’ve avoided it, but Nano did have a day off this week with a temperature and a nasty cough. After weeks of being poorly, Lady Mck finally seems to be getting back to her usual self. My arms are grateful. 

I joined in with a heartwarming Instagram hashtag this week from Kate at A Playful Day. #makegoodfeelgood had many stories and beautiful images about how making can help our mental wellbeing. Have a look at the hashtag to see some of the brave and inspirational stories. 

I have been reminded this week how easy Brownies are to make. I did a batch for the Christmas Fair and have got some ready for MM’s class party tomorrow. They are the kind of recipe that you truly feel bad taking any credit for. They really are that easy. 

Speaking of easy. We have our first day of family entertaining coming up next Sunday and I’ve decided to keep things really simple and go easy on myself. I have a beautiful Nigella Beef Stew recipe that I can serve with Dauphinois potatoes and follow it with Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding which can be made two days ahead. It’s time to gather my kitchen assistants for the festive season. By that I mean, Nigella, Delia and Nigel. I couldn’t do it without them. 

However, today I get to be cooked for. We are at my Dad and Stepmum’s for lunch today and I intend to indulge myself in my favourite roast lunch of Roast Beef and really enjoy the fact that I’m not having to cook any of it. 


Have a good week x 


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Sunday #4

  1. So glad to hear things are slower and more enjoyable. Can you link to that beef stew recipe? And the bread and butter pud? Both sound perfect and delicious xxx

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