2015 – A retrospective

Back in January, when I was a little out of love with my blog, I wrote a really quick post about the things that had happened in 2014 and it was so enjoyable to write and read back, I knew it would become an annual thing. So, here are some of things that have happened in 2015. Some of them big, some small, all important. 

  • Lady Mck started walking
  • Mini Mck joined a proper football team and played his first real match
  • The loft conversion was finished
  • The decorating was not finished
  • Nano started school
  • Lady Mck learned to talk
  • I went to a blogging conference
  • Mckdaddy started a new job and it changed our day to day lives in good and bad ways
  • We got a new car
  • Lady Mck finally got her own bedroom
  • We got a second car
  • The boys moved into their new bedrooms
  • We finally went to Legoland
  • Nano went to a football match for the first time
  • The boys fell in love with Star Wars
  • Nano started enjoying chapter books
  • We cooked bread on a campfire
  • Lady Mck started sleeping through the night in her cot
  • Mini Mck discovered the Harry Potter books
  • I crocheted an actual wearable item of clothing
  • We went to Somerset for the first time and loved it
  • I spent my first night away from Lady Mck
  • The children suddenly started loving roast dinners
  • Mini Mck did his first performance on a proper stage with lights and music, that wasn’t his school
  • We discovered the children love eating at Yo Sushi
  • Nano went to his first birthday party without us
  • Mini Mck went to his best friend’s for a sleepover
  • I fell out of love with Twitter and in love with Instagram
  • Mini Mck had visits from the tooth fairy
  • I made Elderflower cordial
  • We survived our first child general anesthetic
  • I joined a WI
  • I finally made an Advent wreath
  • I started blogging regularly again
  • Mini Mck got a new bike
  • Lady Mck and I mastered the baby wearing ‘backwrap’ (Thank goodness!)
  • I made videos on my iphone
  • Mini Mck made a movie on the ipad
  • Nano was in his first Nativity 
  • Lady Mck learnt to get out of her pushchair
  • Mini Mck saw his first 12A film. The new Star Wars, obviously


  NB: I had planned to just have nine pics, but obviously impossible. xx


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