Musings on January 

So, January Blues are pretty rubbish, huh? I don’t normally get them. I usually find the new year to be quite invigorating. I want to do things better than the year before, to change things and of course declutter and lose ten pounds. There are still flickers of all that going on, but mostly I just feel too tired for all the get up and go it needs. 

I have, at least, three started and abandoned blog posts on this topic, none of which will get anywhere near a publish button. I seem to be stuck, unable to move forward with anything really and it’s all manifesting itself as general grumpiness and being hard to live with. I’m weary of all the ‘doing’ that needs to be done, simply to keep things bumbling along, never mind the achingly long list of other things we need to tackle. I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve never read so many blog posts or seen so many social media updates bemoaning how unmotivated and fed up everyone is. 

I have thoughts about 2016. I have things I want to do and a word I want to carry with me throughout the year, but I’m not quite ready to embrace it yet. Perhaps I simply need a little more downtime, some physical and mental hibernation if you like. Generally it’s the right thing to follow your instincts, but I do wonder if it’s hibernation or simply wallowing and if it’s the latter does it naturally end as easily as it began. Do you need to shock yourself out of the grey stupor by forcing yourself to be productive, even when you don’t feel like it? Or is that just as likely to make you feel worse? 

Maybe, as with most things a fine balance is what’s needed. Add some ‘doing’ into the day while still treating yourself gently, with a good dollop of hibernation.  The lack of routine over the festive break was so needed and so good that I am craving more of the same, while still yearning for more routine and order. Again, some fine tuning is needed. 

Maybe the answer is to start the New Year verve in February. Take January to quietly recharge. If only we could take a month off from all the ‘doing’. How about you? Are you stuck in the January blues or grasping the New Year with vigour and vim? How do you banish the glums? Got with it or fight against it? 



6 thoughts on “Musings on January 

  1. When I’m in this kind of limbo it’s usually because I need a really good cry but I’ve been subconsciously fighting it. Not the horrendous sobbing kind, just a “everything’s all a bit much right now” version best completed in the shower. And then I suddenly feel a thousand times better. Likewise in water. I find water so soothing. I haven’t had a bath since labour but I sometimes take an extra shower in the evenings. A long, scalding, far more relaxing one than the functional, 17 second morning variety. Hope you find your way as it can be a long month to feel off xxx

  2. Starting my new year in February is exactly what I’m doing. I’ve embraced – having read The Year of Living Danishly – the concept of hygge and basically hibernating for this month. Fire, dog walks, nice food.

  3. I get the sense that many people are feeling slow to embrace the new year. as with many things, it seems increasingly heightened and commercialised, the new year new you ideal, that if we don’t have it all together as soon as January 1st rolls around the year feels like a failure before it begins. I’m with you on the slow and gentle start, less pressure, and more looking after yourself and each other. I’m liking Rachael’s plan above!

  4. I am never one for New Year Resolutions because I do believe that the dark months of January are not a god time to get these to work. That said, for me, once the winter solstice is passed then my internal clock starts ticking away just a bit faster. I know spring is on it’s way and it is easier to look forward. I can scour seed catalogues and my inspiration to get in the polytunnel returns. As the days gradually get longer it becomes easier so whilst there is no specific date for me to come out of hibernation I am gradually waking up – such is the January of a gardener! Hmmmmm – I feel a blog post coming on here!

  5. I must admit that the dark winter mornings really get to me in January. Maybe with all the busy busy-ness leading up to Christmas and all the sparkle that goes with it makes December mornings easier but just getting out of bed in January feels like a mammoth task to me. I’m trying to be kind to myself to get through it. Curling up with a book, comfort food, the last of Christmas treats, hiding under a blanket.. It’s definitely hibernation not wallowing and I can definitely recommend it! x

  6. It’s great to have time to recharge your batteries, what better month to do this in than January. All I want to do is sit by the fire, read, be with my animals and relax. December always feels like a marathon of things to do, pleasing others and making sure everything is ready for the the big day…. Relax and go with it, hopefully once your recharged February will be amazing.

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