Thoughts on a Sunday #5

I do love blogging. Just the act of writing my thoughts and putting them out there gives me clarity. After my last post I’ve been finding the balance between hibernation and activity so much easier. 

I’ve finally spruced up the blog, updated my phone and cleared the photos. I’ve decluttered my food cupboards and tidied the linen cupboard, leaving me wondering where all our white pillowcases go, because I know I buy them. I suspect at least one has been gobbled up by a fancy  dress costume. We tackled the toy cupboard last week, although I still need to sneak some stuff out of the house and into the charity shop. I’ve had another tidy up of my clothes. About six months ago I ‘Kon-maried’ them and while I’ve kept things pretty tidy, I’ve noticed a few things that I never wear, so I repeated the process and everything looks amazing again. 

In terms of hibernation, I was lucky enough to get a child free day on Friday and made sure I took some time to have a daytime bath, surely one of the most decadent pleasures known to anyone with kids and curled up by the fire until the children returned. I’ve rediscovered some old embroidery and started a new crochet project to keep my hands busy and I’ve been indulging in all the fantastic January tele and a new boxset on Netflix. (Once Upon a Time on Netflix and War & Peace, Jericho and Shetland  on TV, for those of you who like the details) 

Last Sunday I finally attempted marmalade making. Lots of chopping, followed by the long slow simmering of peel and juice, filling the house with the most delicious aroma. It has to be the very definition of the balance between activity and hibernation and the results taste amazing. I may never buy marmalade again. 

This weekend the weather has been beautiful. Cold, so so cold,but bright and blue. We have made sure that we’ve got out for a walk both mornings, for duck feeding and the boys new obsession, ice breaking/throwing/eating. It feels as though, finally, winter is here. I hope it continues, although you can keep your snow, unless it’s enough for the schools to close, so that we don’t need to leave the house. 

I’ve had a strange week of generally wanting to cook food this week too. That hasn’t happened for months. Mckdad and I would both like to reduce the amount of meat we eat and I guess the kids will inevitably too. I usually find it a real struggle to think of appealing and easy alternatives, but a couple of new meals and some old favourites has really helped. Of course it’s not always easy to introduce new foods to small children, especially at that tired, grumpy time of day, but I find myself being more relaxed about it all and just enjoying what I’m eating. My greatest triumph is the air punches that met my vegetarian sausage rolls, obviously on this occasion they don’t know the veggie bit and let’s not tell them, huh?! 

Have a fab week xx


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Sunday #5

  1. Love the spruce and the musings and as for a daytime bath, there is NO BETTER thing in the world 🙂

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