A Year of Organising

I’ve finally shaken off the January blues. I’ve spent the month thinking and hibernating, being lazy and keeping warm. It’s been needed to fight the darkness that is now lifting, as the days get longer and the nights start to move to nighttime, rather than afternoon.

My word for 2015 was ‘Rest’. My hope was that between the allotment and the parenting and the renovation of our home, we would find periods of rest. That we would somehow be able to carve out time for ourselves and our family. There were times when we did this. Holidays, of course, but times when the to-do list would simply be left to do other, more enjoyable things. Mostly though, I felt too busy, too squeezed and like we weren’t really getting much achieved. I have concluded that the idea of ‘rest’ was over ambitious for where we are at the moment. We have three, still young children and that in itself is a full life. Even at quiet times there is food to prepare, washing to be done, oh, do much washing, five people’s needs and commitments to juggle and five people’s mess to put away.

As my thoughts turned to 2016 and what I hope for, I kept coming back to the same topic; to get organised. I kept pushing it aside. Organising is not aspirational or exciting, but my brain kept returning to it. I kept thinking about Christmas. I was so organised this year and it was lovely. It actually didn’t feel boring, it felt a huge relief and I know that I enjoyed November and especially December much more as a result. I keep thinking how much of a weight it would be to have this attitude in other areas. How much better would our lives be if I am not shouting to get out of the house each morning or stressing that I have forgotten something important that needed to be paid/done/finished? Would I feel lighter or would I simply feel busier?

Mckdaddy and I have a phrase that we like to keep in mind when we are being too lazy to take the bins out or sort the new utility deal out “It’s the grown up thing to do”. It is the final push we need to just get on with the boring bits of life. Being a grown up sounds dull and boring and sometimes it is, but I suspect by just accepting this fact, we can actually carve ourselves more time, money and a nicer home and so subsequently be much happier.


We could really benefit from having a more organised home, from being more organised in terms of food, technology and finances, even my sleep needs some attention. We need to build our home into something that we all love and that is fit for purpose for a family of five. I am really excited and intrigued with how being more organised and more of a ‘grown up’ will impact on my state of mind and the happiness of my family.

Of course, I’d intend to share it here, on the blog and I will be using the hashtag #ayearoforganising. I will share which areas I am tackling, what works, what doesn’t and whether it has made a difference. I hope to inspire you to organising areas in your life too and please feel free to tag me, @emilyandmore with your efforts and use the hashtag to let me know what you’re up to.


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