Good things on the Internet

I am always reading blogs and articles that I think need sharing, but then I don’t get around to writing a post and the moment passes and I never end up sharing the good. Mostly, I am always so pleased that the Internet is full of intelligent women, writing about their lives. The term Mummy Blogger has become a media caricature of someone bragging about their kids, blagging free stuff and writing dull and boring posts. In my experience Mums who blog are opinionated, well informed, funny, multi faceted and all of them fantastic communicators, as my recommendations will show. So, grab a cuppa and get clicking….


Did you know that Barbie has had a revamp? You can’t have missed it. She’s now like a real woman, apparently. Even more shocking is that two women wrote blogs about it from opposing points of view and as far as I know, didn’t fall out. I know! Two people on the Internet, disagreeing and remaining respectful. It’s a miracle. You can read all about what Alison and Sarah think about Barbie and her 21st Century update on their blogs, which, incidentally are also in my shiny, new blogroll, over there ========>

On a similar note, Kate at A Playful Day and Lucy at Lulastic have been talking about gender roles and their princess loving daughters. First, I read Kate’s piece, Rebranding Pink explaining how the death of David Bowie had highlighted how she could explore gender, make up and dressing up with her three year old, without the shadow of Disney Princesses. Lucy is always an interesting read and challenges me to think about the way I parent, in a way that is both funny and completely non-judgemental. Her piece, Who’s afraid of the big, bad princess, fits perfectly with Kate’s as she writes about making the princess obesession less ‘evil’ by the way we think about it and handle it. As someone who is still getting used to parenting a girl, I totally loved it.

Head in book is one of my favourite bloggers and I urge you to check out her archives, as I promise you that every post you read will be intelligent and well argued. She articulates what I am thinking so often, but far better than I could and sometimes before I’ve even realised I care about the subject!  She has recently gone back to work full time, after being a stay at home mum for years and so has a foot in both ‘camps’, if indeed there are camps. Her recent post on not wanting to be called a busy, working mum, even though she clearly is one, is particularly amazing.    

You must have been under a rock this week, if you haven’t heard about the uproar around the Facebook Motherhood Challenge and there have been many posts on it, both in traditional media and blogs. Some hate it, Loose Women (Boooooo!) even referred to those taking part at ‘mum-shaming’ others, some love it. The best post I read on the subject was on Mother’s Always Right. Molly comes down somewhere in the middle of the argument, or at least she did at first. If you just read one post on this subject, make it this one. 

So, there you go, just some of the many interesting and entertaining posts I’ve come across in the last couple of week and I even managed to include the links!


5 thoughts on “Good things on the Internet

  1. What a fantastic group of posts – and thank you so much for including mine in there! Off to read the ones I haven’t read on this list yet. Am now counting on you to be my Internet Beacon btw – shining the light on all the good stuff I might miss…

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