I love…..for a 7th birthday

Another month, another birthday. I think of the Spring as birthday season. All neatly spaced six weeks apart, but it does leave me with a sense of time rushing by, especially with Mini Mck. As the oldest, his is always a new number in our little family and it marks, not only his birthday, but the amount of time I have been a mother. I am hoping that seven is as awesome as six has been. Here are some of the reasons why it is…….

I love that your questions have changed, they are challenging and intelligent and show how your brain is changing and thinking on it’s own. I love how you are opening up to the world more and more. Before school everything is small and you saw not much further than the home, for the first couple of years at school your focus widened a little, to friends and teachers and those around you. Now, what you notice and talk about has exploded. Politics, football, places, the future, the environment, art. Your world is widening and you are soaking it up. 

I love that you wanted a craft party for your birthday and you were right, it was awesome. I love that you are starting to realise that ‘cool’ doesn’t have to mean gelled hair and being a boisterous, rude boy. That it can mean being creative, being funny, having your own sense of style (Thank you Art Ninja) I love that you are starting to have an opinion about what you want to wear or how you want to have your hair. Not to a damaging level, but growing your own sense of identity. 

I love your devotion to your sister. It has been a totally unexpected surprise, but the kindness you show to her, your patience and willingness to spend time with her still floors me after two years. I love how hard you try with your brother. You want to help him do stuff, you want to teach him things that you know and when you’ve stepped way over the line with him, you try your best to put it right. 

I love that you sometimes come back downstairs after the other kids are in bed. You clearly want a peak into the adult world and will chat with us or do some schoolwork or watch football with Dad. I love that you want to go running and you can run for long distances. I love that you try new food and that taking you to a restaurant is a really pleasant experience. I love that you chose Afternoon Tea somewhere “fancy” to celebrate your birthday. 

I love your talent for things that I can’t do. Your inventiveness with Lego, your ability to draw, your love of climbing things. I love how your body has changed. You are still small and wirey as you always have been, but I see muscle definition where before there was the shadow of a toddler. I love that you are starting to really enjoy playing football, there is an intention behind your play that wasn’t there before and playing in a team pushes you out of your comfort zone. I love how creative you are. I know how it is to have to do something creative everyday and this is how you are. Hold onto that, whether it be for money or just pleasure, it will enrich your life for many years.

I love that you still like a cuddle in the mornings, at other times too, but especially in the mornings. I love that you still want to be read to every night and you never want us to put the book down and turn out the light. 

I love that you know people. You know me, you understand what makes me tick and how my brain works and you can use this for good or not so good. You have always been tuned in to how people feel and this has never left you. I hope it never does. I love how you are, in many ways, the same as a boy, as you were as a toddler and even a baby. You have a core, that is entirely you and is unwavering. I hope that this stands you in good stead for the whole of your life. 


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