Mummy Limited was born out of a desire to have a space. A place where I could write about what I wanted to, whether it be children or something other than. Started on a snowy day when my first son was nine months old. I wanted it to capture all the wonderfulness of life with small children, but also portray our lives honestly, with all the tough bits thrown in as well. Three years on it still fits me like a warm, cosy jumper. This is me and this is us………

Photo 29-09-2012 20 18 29 - Copy

Born: Nearly 40 years ago *gulp*. Chatty, opinionated, a good friend, tries to be kind. Likes Radio 4, yarn, tea, coffee and laughing. Usually found breaking stuff, building Playmobil or crocheting and trying to avoid grown up stuff.


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Born: 2009. Loud, bright, funny. Talks incessantly, eats very little. Likes; Cars, cake, bike rides, sneaky baths with his Dad, his little brother. Dislikes; Being told what to do, potatoes, being cold.


Photo 07-01-2013 10 36 44 - Copy

Born: 2011. Quiet, easily pleased, amuses himself. Eats a huge amount of food, talks very little. Likes; Cats, bags, food, his big brother. Dislikes; having his nappy changed, not getting enough sleep, green vegetables.


Photo 11-01-2013 16 23 35

Born: Over 40 years ago. Calm, resourceful, stubborn. Likes; watching films, escaping to his allotment, cycling, drinking wine. Dislikes; first day of term, seafood, almost anything I like to watch on television.

Please feel free to contact me about working together at emily.mummylimited@hotmail.co.uk


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  1. Hi Emily, if you could let me know which is the best way to contact you, I would be pleased to invite you to a bloggers event on behalf of one of our clients.

    Please let me know, Thanks


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