Styling the Seasons – March

Styling the Seasons, by Apartment Apothecary and Lotts and Lots :“Reflect the change of seasons and show those changes in your own home, by styling any surface (shelf, dining table, mantelpiece) with something you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you”

I missed Styling the Seasons for January and February. January just went by in a blur and as my ‘Year of Organising’ post confirmed, I didn’t really start the year until February and I’m afraid nothing particularly inspired me in this dull and grey month. 

However, March sees the first signs of Spring, the pastel, Easter colours in the shops and gorgeous soft hues of Spring bulbs. It also is the start of, what I like to call, birthday season, in our house. All of the children’s birthdays fall in a three month stretch, starting on March 1st. Clearly, I do Spring babies. I guess it was Mother Nature’s cruel way of ensuring I felt dreadful for my own birthday in September and that I was denied the cheese and booze festival that is Christmas. 

Anyway, Lady Mck starts the whole thing off, six weeks later my eldest will turn seven and six weeks after that Nano will be five. Lady Mck was due at the end of February and I have to admit I was a little relieved that she arrived just a few hours into March. It seems like such an optimistic time to be born and it seemed to fitting to me that the day she arrived was a crisp spring morning. The boys were taken to the lambing weekend at the local agricultural collage and I gazed at my new baby and the bright, blue sky. This year she was two, this always feels like a biggie. Two is toddler. Two is ripping open your own presents and blowing out your own candles. Two is a big one, that makes me take a sharp intake of breath and shake my head in disbelief. 


I decided to rearrange a shelf above our bed for this month’s Styling the Seasons. I love this shelf, but I noticed that things had crept on it that shouldn’t be there and it was looking cluttered. With a nod to spring cleaning, everything needed to be dusted and cleaned and then either put back or moved. As I ended up doing this on Mother’s Day, (a treat to faff about with blog posts and pictures) I decided to update some of the photos as well. As with, I suspect, many families, most of the pictures in frames are of our first born and we are trying to even this out a little. I swapped two of Mini Mck, for some of the younger two, very shortly after they were born. I was clearly in a nostalgic mood, what with the whole birthday/Mother’s Day thing going on. 



Oh, and the reason for two different set ups? Well, you have an idea about what you want to photograph and you even choose a card with that in mind and then a fabulous friend sends a homemade card, that just blows all the others out of the water!


One thought on “Styling the Seasons – March

  1. This is perfect! I love the feeling of clearing a dumping ground and bringing it back to life and what a perfect thing to do at the beginning of Spring. I love that gold card and all the sweet pics of your Spring babes (but did they not all go crazy for the jar of choices above the bed?!). I hope you are enjoying the brighter days and colours of March xx

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